The Madappally Service Co-operative Bank Ltd. No.160, Perumpanachy.P.O, Changanacherry, Kottayam District, Kerala was established in the year 1920 as a multipurpose co-operative society. Later it was modified to a Primary Agricultural Credit Society and to a Service Co-operative Bank. The aim of this establishment is to give thrust to Agricultural and allied rural development through credit activities in Madappally Panchayat. Today, the bank plays a vital role in the promotion and development of agriculture and allied activities in Madappally village. The bank is classified as “Class-I Special Grade Bank”. The area of operation of Bank covers almost all wards of Madappally Panchayat and wards 7,8 & 9 of Thrikodithanam Panchayat in Kottayam District, Kerala. Apart from lending and other regular banking activities for the financial development of the villagers, the Bank is involved in many social developmental activities aiming their Social development by running U.P school, organising training programmes, conducting medical checkup camps etc. The C S U P School established in the year 1952 is a leading Government Aided Upper Primary School in this locality. All the necessary infrastructure facilities like well and neat class rooms, play ground, Computer and science labs, Library etc are arranged by the Bank. Bank also effectively is controlling the price of essential goods, medicines and fertilizers by running our own consumer store, medical stores and fertilizer depots.


Our bank exists

1. To provide excellent financial services to the needy in a fair & transparent manner
2. To provide focus and thrust on development of agriculture in Madappally village.
3. Bring about rural development through credit schemes & other services.
4. To act as a channel of Central/State government and other authorities, in reaching out to     the common man for effective implementation of development schemes.

Madappally Service Co-operative Bank is managed by the Board of Directors, consisting of 11 members elected by the shareholders of the bank. The term of the managing committee is 5 years and the present “Board of Directors” took charge on 01.09.2009.

The bank has four full time functioning branches located different parts of Madappally Panchayat. They are at

1. Perumpanachy
2. Madappally block junction.
3. Kurumbandom-Vazheepady.
4. Thengana.

Perumpanachy main branch functions at the Head Office of Madappally Service Co-operative Bank Ltd.

All these offices are housed in Bank’s own building and have all modern facilities like inter branch network connectivity; well maintained security systems etc to transact business smoothly and include attached conference halls to accommodate 150 to 600 persons. The bank had computerized the accounting system, way back in 1993-94; a period when such standards were not present even in nationalised banks. Now all the branches are inter-connected and a customer can transact at any branch of the bank.

Bank regularly conducts training programmes and study tours for its employees, Board of Directors, and even to selected share holders to equip them with latest developments in the field of co-operation, micro credit, financial services, development in agriculture & agricultural processing and marketing etc.


Bank stands for the agriculture and rural development and for agricultural development quality inputs is the basic necessity. Hence bank had started fertilizer depots to provide quality, subsidised or fair priced fertilizers to farmers. Presently, bank has 3 such depots conveniently located at Perumpanachy, Mosco and Puliamkunnu areas of Madappally Panchayat. Persons appointed on commission basis manage two of these depots while the third one is under the direct management of the Bank. One of the three depots is functioning in Bank building and other two are located at accommodation arranged by commission agents.

Bank has been authorised by the following manufactures/wholesalers to sell their products through its depots.

1. Indian Farmer’s Fertilizer Co-operative Ltd (IFFCO).
2. FACT Ltd.
3. Kerala State Co-operative Marketing Federation Ltd
4. Kerala State Co-operative Rubber Marketing Federation Ltd.
5. SWAL Corporation Ltd.

The bank has one Neethi Medical Store & Oushadhi Agency functioning at our shopping complex, Thengana. Our consumer store under “Nanma” scheme of Kerala government is functioning at our Head Office building, Perumpanachy. “Our consumer store was selected as the best store in Kottayam District by the Kerala State Co-operative Consumer Federation Ltd for the last 3 consecutive years”

In association with BSNL, we are also providing various services of BSNL through BSNL One-stop Shoppie. We also provide mobile phone services of IFFCO KISSAN Sanchar Nigam Ltd.


1 Date of Establishment 16-07–1920
2 No of Branches 4
3 No of Members 14045
4 Category wise details of Staff(Sanctioned)
Secretary 1
Chief Accountant 1
Assistant Secretary 1
Branch Manager 4
Internal Auditor 1
Accountant/Head Clerk 4
SeniorClerk/JuniorClerk 10
Attender/ Sales man 3
Poen 5


Night Watchman


Part time sweeper
Total 28
5 Audit Classification A
6 Business Parameters  
  Share Capital Rs. 1,95,46,985.00
a Total Deposit Rs. 91,16,88,933.69
b No of Loan Accounts 5,871
c Loan Amount Rs. 56,71,79,492.54
d Disbursements during 2014-15 Rs. 79,36,00,564.08
e Recovery Percentage 93.75 %
f Net profit as per latest audit report 2012-13 Rs. 89,81,509.36
g Income from non-banking business for 2014-15 Rs. 9,62,776.23

Total Sales during the year 2012-13

Manure and Pesticides Rs. 91,89,427.15
Onam Market & Neethi Store Rs. 9,77,861.35
Medicines, Oushadhi Rs. 98,67,350.29
Photostat etc. Rs. 2,06,403.00
Total Rs. 1,91,63,180.44


“The Bank had won the Best Bank Award instituted by the District Consultative Committee (D.C.C) during 1996-97 for the Best Performance in the implementation of the Service Area CreditPlan.”

The bank is the first Service co-operative Bank in the state to organize a farmer's club. The Farmers club was formed in 1991 under the V.V.V. Program of NABARD. Since then, the club has been actively involved in various activities such as organizing Vikas Melas, immunization of cattle and domestic animals, conducting farmers training programs, study tour for farmers etc. The club also took the initiative in identifying and training 50 women entrepreneurs in Anthurium cultivation and forming them into a society.

It was in the year 1996 the club entered into a new phase of its activity of organizing self-help groups (SHGs) The club volunteers as well as the Bank Officials jointly took efforts in organizing SHGs and now there are more than 180 SHGs in the area of operation of the Bank.

The club bagged the best V.V.V. Club award consecutively in 3 years, 1995-96, 1996-97 and 1997-98.

The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development identified the bank as a role model and published a leaflet about the functioning of the bank and circulated it among other banks in the state.

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