Tissue Culture Lab Madappally service co-operative bank is a well-recognized name in banking and agriculture sector. Our agricultural improvement section offers good quality biofertilizers, biopesticides, seeds and nursery plantlets of vegetables and agricultural crops in an economically feasible way for the welfare of farmers.

Now our new venture Plant Tissue Culture Lab at Daivampadi, Changanassry aiming plant tissue-culture, have good vision in mainly different varieties of banana banana (eg: Nendran, Chengalicodan, Njalipoovan, Kadali, Poovan, Grand Naine, Robusta etc.) and ornamental plant material production, where need and value of the products is high.

Banana is an important staple crop and a source of income for farming society in India. Banana fruits throughout the year add to its importance as a food security crop. However, the productivity and lifespan of banana has drastically reduced due to lack of proper scientific cultivation practices, inadequate high quality seedlings, pest and disease pressures, etc. These problems are escalating because farmers usually rely on natural regeneration of plants for the supply of planting materials, which are contaminated by pests and diseases and the available conventional suckers has failed to meet the high seedling demands. To meet the demands of banana grower's, tissue culture could be an alternative for propagation of planting materials for banana. In tissue culture method, thousands of plant can be grown from a small shoot tip/sucker. The technique has reportedly been successful in more than 100 species of plants. It would, therefore, be desirable to encourage commercial tissue culture labs to supplement the production of planting material by conventional means.

Mission and Vision

* Promote Agribusiness through backward and forward linkages for improving the economic status of the farmers.

* Validate and establish a model integrated agri-business unit with high-value crops.

* Scientific Production and Supply of quality seeds and planting material including tissue culture plants of banana.

* Organise farmer groups to adopt value chain approach to improve the production and marketing.

* Transfer of technology to farmers for modernization of agriculture to improve their livelihood.



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